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Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

How to Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

So you need to buy a car, and you have recently had a bankruptcy and you are concerned about being able to qualify for a car loan. Actually, it is still possible. Some dealerships may want to take advantage of your situation, so look carefully for a dealership like ours that will offer you a reasonable rate and price for a quality, dependable automobile.

Sometimes it is a difficult process, but we can help you iron out all the tough spots and get you started on building a good credit rating. We realize that even good people do not always have the best credit and sometimes that leads to a bankruptcy. But if you are ready to put forth your best effort, then we can help you get going.

Whether you have bad credit, no credit or taken out bankruptcy, loans can still get approved. If you have some money to put down, all the better. We may even be able to offer a better car loan rate depending on how much down payment you have; however, even without a sizeable down payment, it is possible to get a loan. Once you figure out how much money you have to pay out in monthly payments, we can help you find the right car that will provide you with good transportation, as well as help you build a better credit score. Depending on your financial position, you may not be able to get the lowest percentage rate for the loan; but we can help you get the best one possible.

Depending on your unique situation, there may be a program available based on your income and the payment you can afford with your income. We also offer in-house financing if our lenders are not yet willing to approve your car loan.

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